Testimonials from Kids

“Tutoring is my favorite after school activity. I like it even more than karate or swimming!”  J – 7 years old.

“School was really hard, but Tara helped me read better and now school is a lot easier!” ~ 8 year old M

“I used to hate to read, now I LOVE it!” ~ 8 year old J.

“Math is hard, but Tara makes it fun and we get a little silly.” ~ 9 year old T.

Testimonials from Parents

“It made me so happy watching my child laugh with Tara as they worked on early literacy skills. When I worked with her at home, we both ended up frustrated and in tears. My daughter worked with Tara over the summer to get up to speed and it was the best money I ever spent!” ~ (K’s mom)

“I don’t know how Tara does it but she found books and magazines that my kid loves to read.” ~ M’s Mom

“We came from a private preschool and Kindergarten that had a great program but there were definitely “gaps” when my child entered public school. Tara identified what my daughter needed and filled in the gaps in eight sessions. It was amazing!” ~ H’s Mom

Testimonials from Colleagues

“I was an assistant in Tara’s room in both preschool and Second Grade. It was fun to watch her make all levels of literacy and reading fun no matter what age or skill level! Tara is able to teach each child starting with their current skill level and moves them up from there. Tara loves teaching and it shows.”

“I loved working with Tara because she has a great sense of humor, genuinely loves kids, and is really creative! Tara used bean bags, hoola hoops, stuffed animals, and a dancing question mark to teach literacy skills. The kids had a blast!”

“Tara always finds the right book for the right kid! She had over 2000 books in her personal classroom library and she kept buying books each year when her students had different reading levels and interests!”